Download Spring Guidelines Doc Here 

I. Teams

A. Teams will be comprised of two classes of teams: All-Star and Area play (AP) teams.

B. The Spring Committee, based on the criteria set by that committee, will select All-Star and AP Coaches.

C. Head coaches and assistant coaches must;

- Have coached in the Fall 2012 season,

- Be an AYSO registered volunteer,

- Safe Haven Certified,

- Trained at the age/skill level of the team they are applying to coach.

D. Teams will be formed by the selected All Star and AP coaches from players within their prospective divisions in the following order: All-Star teams will complete selection of their teams prior to any other teams being formed (no longer than two weeks after the end of the post season tournament). AP teams will then be selected from the players not asked to play by the All-Star coach (players declining an All Star coach’s invitation are not eligible to play in the secondary program). 

E. All Star coaches must inform the Spring Coordinator of any denials before finalizing their roster.

F. If two or more All-Star or AP teams are formed, the Spring Coordinator will specify a player selection method.

G. No player shall be issued an invitation to play prior to completion of their team’s fall season (including the team’s Fall Tournament play).


II. Eligibility

A. U10, U12, and U14 players must have played at least seventy percent (70%) of all regularly scheduled Fall games (players must play in at least 3 quarters of each game) and U16 and U19 players must have played at least fifty percent (50%) of all regularly scheduled Fall games for Chino Hills AYSO, excluding those games missed for injury or illness. A player competing in neighboring AYSO regions may be eligible after;

- Exception is made by the Spring Coordinator to allow player to play.

- Full release in writing by the player’s home region Regional Commissioner and

- Full release in writing by Chino Hills AYSO’s Regional Commissioner. 

B. Any player that has declined an invitation to play for the All-Star team may not play for the AP team without special exception made by the Spring Coordinator and confirmed by the Regional Commissioner. A player declining an invitation to play from an AP team may not play for another AP team without special exception made by the Spring Coordinator and confirmed by the Regional Commissioner.

C. Invitations shall be issued in writing and presented to the potential player’s parent or guardian. The name(s) of any player(s) declining an invitation will be presented to the Spring Coordinator before their roster can be finalized. The Spring Coordinator may then follow up with each player who has declined and inform them of their potential ineligibility to play on other program teams.


III. Finances

A. Each team shall appoint a team treasurer to monitor team finances. The team treasurer must not be a spouse of the coach or live in the same household as the coach. 

B. Spring financial rules issued by the Chino Hills AYSO regional treasurer or his or her designee (collectively known as the “Spring Treasurer”) must be followed. 

C. The team treasurer or coach will make team deposits to the Spring Treasurer who will then deposit those funds into the Chino Hills AYSO Spring Account. All team finances must be channeled through this account NO exceptions. 

D. Team budgets will be limited to the following players fees: All-Star and AP teams may not charge more than a $600 per player fee (which does not include travel expenses, for teams choosing to enter tournaments outside the local area). No players may be given a scholarship (fee waived by the team) without the advance consent of the Spring Coordinator and must be in full disclosure to the other team parents. 

E. Deposits and check requests will be made by the team treasurer or coach in accordance with the rules set out by the Spring Treasurer.

F. Checks will not be issued by the Spring Treasurer if sufficient funds are not available in the team account.

G. Each team will be advanced one tournament’s fees to be paid back by March 1st.

H. A $125.00 per player league fee will be charged to each All-Star and AP team account on February 15. If this fee is not paid as of February 15, no checks will be drawn on behalf of the team until this fee is paid. A portion of the league fee could be refunded based on the funds generated by the Kickin’ It Up In the Hills Tournament and is dependent upon the team meeting their service hour requirements.

I. The Spring Treasurer will make accessible to each team treasurer and coach an overall accounting of the team’s account for reconciliation on at least a monthly basis. 

J. A full accounting of all team finances must be presented to each family and to the Spring Coordinator within two weeks following the final tournament of the season and must be presented to any parent requesting such information within forty-eight (48) hours of request during the season. All unused personal funds deposited will be refunded by check at the end of the season. 

K. All unused funds deposited in the form of sponsor donation requiring a regional receipt will not be refunded to the team at the end of the season


IV. Scope of Play

A. All-Star teams will play tournament play only. 

B. AP teams are required to play in the area league, but may also play in tournaments as long as the tournaments do not conflict with their AP schedule. There are no exceptions. Area B may or may not allow requested off dates during league play. Game forfeiture during league play will result in sanctions being placed on the team, up to and including team disbandment.


V. Tournament Play

A. Tentative tournament schedules must be turned into the Spring Coordinator by January 31. Any conflicts existing between All-Star and AP teams will be rectified by the Spring Coordinator. Those tournaments accepting more than one (1) team from a region will be open to both teams. Those tournaments open to only one (1) team per region will be given to the All-Star team who will take precedents in all such cases. It is strongly suggested that teams within the same division discuss their schedules to avoid such conflicts.

B. The Regional Commissioner or his designee is the only person who may sign rosters, ID cards, and forms requiring his/her signature. No blank rosters will be signed. Any forgery of signatures will result in sanctions being placed on the team, up to and including disbandment. 

C. Only regional checks requested from the Spring Treasurer may be used to enter tournaments. No personal checks may be used.

D. Referee deposits must be returned to the Spring Treasurer for credit. Lost or stolen checks will result in a $25.00 stop payment fee to be charged against that team’s account.


VI. Coaches

A. Coaching will be conducted in accordance with the AYSO national philosophy of Positive, Instruction, Encouraging (PIE) coaching and conduct themselves and the team in accordance with all AYSO national and regional rules. 

B. Coaches will have in their possession at all AYSO functions, “wet signature” signed copies of each players medical release forms. 

C. Coaches will conduct themselves in a manner representative of our City and Organization. Any Coach being ejected or receiving complaints from tournament officials for his/her sideline conduct, the inability to controls his/her teams sideline conduct, or failure to follow AYSO 779 conduct standards is subject to immediate removal from his coaching position. 

D. In the event of a coach’s removal from his position, the Spring Coordinator at his/her discretion and that of the Regional Commissioner can assign a qualified coach or disband the team if a qualified replacement can not be located.


VII. Spectators

A. Spectators will conduct themselves in accordance with the AYSO national philosophy of Positive, Instructional, and Encouraging (PIE) and conduct themselves in accordance with all AYSO national and regional rules.

B. Disruptive or unruly behavior may result in that parent or spectator in being banned from all future matches involving that team.


VIII. Players

A. Players will conduct themselves in a manner representative of our City and Organization. 

B. Red cards will result in suspension of that player for at least the next scheduled, played game. If the player is sent off in the last match of a tournament, the suspension will be served at the next tournament or AP match scheduled. Additional game(s) suspension may be added at the discretion of the Spring Coordinator. 

C. Excessive or continual yellow and red cards issued a player will not tolerated. Such players may be suspended or removed from the program.

D. Any player being ejected for violent conduct is subject to suspension for the remainder of the season and is subject to permanent removal from the program.


IX. Miscellaneous

A. Violation of any of these Spring Guidelines may result in sanctions being placed on the team. These include, but are not limited, to suspension or removal from the program.

B. Any and all of these guidelines may be changed or suspended at the discretion of the Spring Coordinator and Regional Commissioner. All Star and AP teams are required to participate in the Kick’n it up in the Hills tournament. Teams will be required to work the tournament in order to be eligible for any tournament proceeds. Teams that do not provide volunteers to ALL scheduled tournament work time (including pre tournament training, and post tournament clean up) may forfeit some or all of the team’s tournament proceeds.